About Us

  CopyRite Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 as a manufacturer of carbon paper. Our factory and office are located in Nakhonpathom, Thailand; approximately 30km. from the center of Bangkok. Today, we offer the full range of carbon paper and film carbon to both local and international markets.

  At CopyRite, the customer’s requirement is our priority. Our mission is to supply the right-quality products, to catch the punctual delivery time and to offer the reasonable price for the customers.

  The current production capacity is over 1,000,000 boxes of carbon paper and 500,000 boxes of film carbon per annum, of which around 80 percent is shipped to over forty countries worldwide

  Our products are certified by Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TIS) and by QSME following ISO 9002.

  Innovative, flexible, and reliable. We aim to be a leading manufacturer of carbon paper and film carbon at the present and in the future.

  CopyRite Industrial Co., Ltd. is listed in the exporter list of Thai Department of Export Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, and also a prominent member of Nakornpathom Chamber of Commerce, Thai National Shipper’s Council, The Federal of Thai Industries and the Thai Stationeries & Office Supply Association.

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